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Water-cooling DIY in Singapore


The Automobile industry hold a lot of options for a radiator. You can walk
into a auto-repair/spare part shop and ask for a “cooling coil”, a
term the locals use to refer to these radiators that we can use. A new one may
cost around $ 50 or more, but an old one can cost very low or might even go for
free if they decide to dump it. The ones used for motorbikes tend to be smaller.
Here are some examples of the ones I’ve salvaged.

In order to use them, you will probably need to mod the inlets and outlets
a bit.

As seen, a hose barb is attached using cold weld epoxy such as JB weld first.
When the cold weld dries, a Layer of Marine Epoxy putty is applied all around
to strengthen the bond and prevent leaks.

The cold weld epoxy and marine epoxy putty are readily available in most Hardware

Most of them are aluminum so you should add anti-corrosion coolant to the water
when you use it with a copper block. There are many such shops all over Singapore
and I frequent the ones near Kembangan MRT as they are within walking distance
from my house. They can be found along the road marked in red.


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