The WCG need not only be only about games (although we’ll admit it makes up for 99% of it). In fact, this year’s World Cyber Games was also home to a rather unique event which involves food: the Botak Jones Fastest Burger Eating Challenge

As its names states, contestants were required to completely wolf down an extremely large Botak Jones Sunshine Burger in the shortest possible time. But for their timing to be recorded, not only must the burger be completely devoured and swallowed, but no scraps were to be left behind as well.

And for added excitement, the challenge was divided into two sections: the first of which was open to the public, while the other one was reserved for the professional eaters. Needless to say, food mayhem ensured throughout the duration of the event. Fortunately for the stage crew, there were no instances of the participants throwing up or choking on the burger in the mad rush to claim first place and the title of the fastest eater.

But before we proceed with the photographs, here’s a little friendly advice from us: the pictures we are posting here are going to be a little disturbing. And more importantly, please don’t try this at home. Or anybody’s home, for that matter.