Say hello to the lightning fast WebKit engine based Opera Next 15.

Opera for desktops may have finally caught up with the likes of Google Chrome with their latest beta release. Dubbed Opera Next 15, this next generation browser from our favorite Opera team (need I remind you of their immese popularity in the mobile sphere) is based on the more contemporary WebKit engine (based on Blink), laying their older Presto engine to rest.

The newest beta of Opera Next 15 boasts of a considerable amount of improvements and new features over its previous stable release. For starters, the Opera team completely revamped the UI, combining the address bar and search bar into one. Additionally, their famous Speed Dial has got an updated look and there are two new tabs with all new functionality.



Our friends over at VR-Zone Chinese have done some benchmarks comparing the Opera Next 15 to the older (Presto based) Opera 12.15. The results are dramatically improved, so much so that reports indicate general performance and web browsing faster than (the fastest) Google Chrome itself. That is quite a feat, considering how zippy Chrome already is.


Last but not the least, Opera has completely removed the built-in email client from their browser. Instead, those who need this feature can download and install the add-on separately.

So what are you waiting for? Give this new baby a test drive: download Opera Next 15 for Windows and Mac by following the links. For more information, hit the source link below.

Source: Opera Developer, Download, via VR-Zone Chinese


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