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Western Digital announces first portable Thunderbolt-powered drive

Western Digital’s My Passport Pro is a dual-drive portable hard drive that can directly connect to a Mac via Thunderbolt.


Western Digital unveiled its first portable drive with Thunderbolt connectivity at the Macworld conference yesterday. The My Passport Pro is a dual-drive offering, which means that there are two 2.5-inch hard drives that can be configured as either RAID 0 or RAID 1.

The portable drive is intended for Mac users and comes with an integrated Thunderbolt cable that serves to power the hard drive as well as facilitate file transfers. Western Digital claims the My Passport Pro can transfer files at 233 MB/s, which is bordering on SSD territory. In real-world usage scenarios, WD has stated that users would be able to transfer a 22 GB HD movie in about 1 minute and 43 seconds, 2,000 MP3 files averaging 5MB each at 46 seconds and over 500 photos with an average file size of 5 MB in just 12 seconds.

WD is selling the My Passport Pro at major retailers, with the 2 TB version available for $300 and the 4 TB variant coming in at $430.

Source: Western Digital 

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