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Western Digital introduces 6TB external storage device in Singapore

How much hard disk space is enough for a typical content creator's needs? 1TB? 1.5TB? Or perhaps even 2TB? Well, Western Digital thinks that even that amount is insufficient today considering how the digital landscape has evolved. And its solution? Why, a new external strorage which boasts an astronomical 6TB of data storage capacity. Are you ready to welcome WD's My Book Studio II into your digital lifestyle?

When it comes to expanding one's available storage capacities in a desktop or notebook PC, there are generally two ways to go about in doing so. For hardware-savvy users, the solution is usually to purchase a new hard disk and install it as an internal storage device in order to take advantage of the significantly faster speeds offered by the SATA interface.

However, end-users who have little to zero experience in dealing with a PC's internal components or just want a quick-and-easy method of expanding their PC's existing storage limits will opt for the second method, which is to simply purchase an external storage device that connects to one's machine via USB, eSATA or Firewire. And if you belong to this group of users, Western Digital's latest announcement is sure to be nothing short of good news. Anyone fancy juicing up your PC's storage space by as much as a whopping 6TB?

According to Western Digital, the new My Book Studio II is a dual-drive external storage device that is optimized for use on Mac OS X. Of course, by 'optimizing', the company means that the My Book Studio II has been factory-formatted in the HFS+ file system currently used by Mac OS X. This allows Mac users to not only access the full range of read-write capabilities available for use on the storage device, but also renders it compatible for use with Time Machine. This is because NTFS support on OS X is limited to read-only, and Time Machine does not support writing to non-HFS+ file systems.

In addition, the My Book Studio II also supports connections via eSATA, USB 2.0 or Firewire (800 and 400). This makes it a highly versatile storage device, as it can offer users a choice between compatibility (USB) or performance (eSATA, Firewire), especially if consistent, high-sped data read-write speeds are required. The My Book Studio II can also be set up to run in various RAID configurations for greater performance and data security.

If that is enough to have you thirsting for a My Book Studio II, the good news is the My Book Studio is currently available for sale in Singapore at selected resellers, and that there will be two distributors in charge of ensuring supply. The bad news is that you might probably have to tighten your belt a little, thanks to the device's S$699 pricetag. Last but not least, Windows XP users will have to sit this one out, as the 10-year-old operating system does not support storage devices with capacities larger than 2TB.

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