Western Digital releases the thinnest 1TB hard drive in the entire world. Spoiler alert: It’s really thin.

Western Digital looks like they’re on a mission to ensure that they are the provider for the thinnest hard drives in the world after knocking off Seagate’s 5mm thick 500GB hard drive, and now releasing a 1TB hard drive that measures at an impressive 7mm in thickness.

Vice President and General Manager for client storage products at WD explains that this new hard drive is the perfect complement to Intel’s new Haswell processors. “The release of the WD Blue 7 mm hard drives offers a new level of storage capacity that further enriches the computing experience for users of Ultrabooks, All-in-Ones and other thin and light PCs.”

Features include shock tolerance, cool and quiet performance, StableTrac for accurate tracking and higher performance, as well as other techno mumbo jumbo that Western Digital has dreamed up to tell you that these hard drives are very good.

They say the new drives are currently shipping through select distributors and resellers and will be priced at $139.99 with a two-year warranty.

Via: Engadget