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When two SIM slots are not enough: LG and MediaTek working on triple-SIM smartphones

LG and MediaTek have teamed up to launch Android smartphones with triple SIM slots, in response to widespread demand for multi-SIM devices in emerging markets such as Brazil and India.


While people in the U.S. and Europe are getting by on a single SIM card in their phones, there are certain parts of the world where phones with dual SIM are common. But for LG and MediaTek two SIM slots aren’t good enough, so the two companies are now marching on to create triple SIM Android smartphones.

These devices will support 3G connectivity, and each SIM will be able to receive calls, transmit data, send messages and remain in standby simultaneously, all without consuming excessive battery juice (a tall claim, as even two SIM cards can be pretty evil to a handset’s battery life). MediaTek has also worked on ensuring there are as less instances of dropped or poor-quality calls as possible with its triple-SIM solution, though only real-life experience will tell us whether that’s actually the case.

Kicking off the triple SIM trend will be LG, whose new smartphones with three SIM slots will be arriving in the “near future.” MediaTek will be providing the technology to other manufacturers later on, though since no one but LG has announced anything, it might be a while before we see triple SIM Android phones a norm and replace the dual SIM ones.

So, who wants three SIM cards in their phone? Any takers?

Source: PR Newswire

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