Apple White iPhone 4

A white version of the Apple iPhone 4 has been uncovered; well, not exactly. Some folks at paid US$113 to replace the original cover of the iPhone 4 to a white one. While it isn’t the official white iPhone 4, some reasons were uncovered as to why it won’t be on sale just yet.

Sure, this may not be the official white version of the iPhone 4, but when you change the outer cover, it looks exactly like one. While the swapping of the cover looks skilful, there are still some significant flaws which could be the reason why Apple has yet to mass produce the white iPhone 4 handheld.

From the above picture, there is a prominent grille hole above the receiver to not block the proximity and light sensor. And this breaks the overall appearance of the iPhone 4. Aside from that, the white cover also doesn’t look to provide a tight fit and there is also very slight noticeable gap. In addition, the white cover also affects the overall display brightness.