Hype surrounding the Moto X phone has dried up, so let’s move onto the Droid Ultra, with the latest image to surface showing off a white XT1080.


Specs for the XT1080 hasn’t been made official, but many are speculating that it might sport a good amount of display real estate (5+ inch screen) as well as a beefy battery. The XT1080 will likely be targeted at Motorola users on Verizon, and of course it’ll be branded as a ‘Droid’ for those that are insecure about anything other meme.

As for the specifics, according to an FCC filing, the XT1080 should come with all the connectivities that’s standard for Verizon. That means the handset will carry along with it radios for LTE, EV-DO Rev. A, as well as WCDMA.

While Google has been pushing the Motorola brand into producing gimmicky handsets like the Moto X, there seems to be still some sense within the mobile division as the XT1080 appears to be a serious big boy toy.

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Source: XDA


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