Japan has had classic white PS3's for months now, but gamers in North America will be able to pick up their very own alabaster PS3 later this month.

Since their release a few months ago, the classic white PlayStation 3's where believed to be exclusive to Japan. However recent news reveals that the pearly PlayStations are actually crossing over to the shores of North America later this month.

Beginning Jan. 27, gamers in the U.S. and Canada can snag their own alabaster PS3 featuring a 500 GB hard drive and a year of PlayStation Plus for $299.99.

The white PlayStation 3 model is the new slide-top console that debuted during last year's Tokyo Game Show, and comes with a full year of Sony's premium PlayStation Network subscription that offers movies, games, and expansive entertainment that includes original PlayStation titles and more.

Whether or not gamers will be purchasing a PS3 with a custom paint job or not is hard to say, especially since most gamers are probably saving up for Sony's next-gen PlayStation console.

If you're unfamiliar with Sony's new slide-top PS3 then be sure to check the attached video which showcases the model during last year's Tokyo Game Show.