If you like to do things the hard way, and you’re a photographer then today is your lucky day. With the aid of a 3D printer, you can now print your own SLR camera and show your friends what being a true photographer really means.

Designed by a French student by the name of Leo Marius, the OpenReplex is an open source SLR with a mirror viewfinder and a fixed 1/60s exposure. It’ll take around 15 hours and access to ABS, cutting tool, and other minor nuts and bolts to put the SLR together, but chances are it’ll be worth it if DIY is your philosophy.

Putting the SLR together is one thing, but taking a single frame with it is a whole different story. In total, you’ll have to follow eight or so steps to be able to take a picture. Interested in seeing more? Hop on over to instructables to for full details.