Wicked Lasers makes the world's most powerful flashlight, and in a very cool demonstration of it's capabilities, they used it to cook a turkey.

Wicked Lasers makes some.. well… wicked laser products. They also make flashlights, and their Torch model is marketed as the most powerful flashlight in the world, shining with a blinding 4100 lumens. In comparison, the brightness of one of those cheap plastic flashlights you always find in the back of your cupboard shines at roughly 10-20 lumens.

The Torch's battery lasts for about 8 minutes and in the past, Wicked Lasers have demonstrated it's ability to set fire to paper within seconds and it's even been used to cook eggs. Seeing as it's thanksgiving though, the Torch was used for it's most challenging job yet – cooking dinner. Six Torches were set up around an uncooked turkey and were aimed at it, lights on, for two and a half hours. The result? Delicious. Check it out below: