Nintendo has announced that they will allow gamers to play Wii U game demos from the E3 show-floor in selected retail stores across US and Canada next month.

You know what’s wrong with Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3)? Game developers and publishers show off all these amazing games with their next-generation graphics and innovative gameplay mechanics, but you don’t get to play them for months and sometimes even years.

Well, Nintendo is changing that. Nintendo President Reggie Fils-Aime has announced in the latest Nintendo Direct video that the company has partnered with Best Buy in the United States and Canada to bring demos of unreleased games – usually limited to the E3 show-floor – to Best Buy stores in over 100 locations during E3 week (June 11th to June 13th).

The list of unreleased games and the precise locations of the Best Buy stores where their demos will be offered will be revealed in the coming weeks.

It’s a very nice move on Nintendo’s part. My only wish now is that Sony and Microsoft implement something similar to this for their own game demos.

You can see Fils-Aime announcing the feature around the 27:30 mark in the video below.