Over 15 percent of Wikipedia users access the site through mobile devices these days, which has prompted the Wikimedia Foundation to make mobile editing available for every Wikipedia user.


Wikipedia has announced that the world’s biggest online encyclopedia can now be edited on mobile devices by every user that holds a Wikimedia account. The feature was first introduced on Wikimedia’s experimental beta site, and following an encouraging response has now been made available for all users.

Over 15 percent of Wikipedia users access the site on mobile devices these days, which is apparently the biggest reason behind bringing the ability to edit content on the go. “For our first release, our primary goal was to create a fast, intuitive editing experience for new users and experienced editors alike, while still sticking with markup editing for now,” Wikimedia’s Juliusz Gonera explained. “We started simple so we could observe our users’ needs and expectations.”


Once you create a free Wikimedia account and log in (the need to make an account will be removed once the feature passes the trial stage), you’ll be able to press the pencil icon on the top left of a page to begin editing; changes you make can be previewed before saving, and support for more advanced features, including Visual Editor integration, is coming in the future.

Hit the source link for more info on how to get started with contributing to the “sum of all human knowledge” from your phone.

Source: Wikimedia