As has been widely speculated by everyone in the Tech industry, the Nook hasn't done as well as the B&N execs would have liked. Will B&N continue to make the Nook hardware?

B&N last month acknowledged the less-than-expectation holiday sales, and, according to sources of The New York Times, will stop building its own hardware. Instead the focus will be on delivering and licensing content to third-party developers.

However, B&N spokesperson told CNET that they have no plans to completely exit the hardware business.

B&N had high revenue expectations from the Nook, especially with less demand in its retails chain. However, B&N is expected to report a higher loss than before from its Nook business in the fiscal 2013.

A lot of this is probably related to the resounding success of the Kindle and Fire that ate into the Nook market. How B&N pivots its business will be interesting to watch.