Eidos Montreal has revealed itplans for Deus Ex: Universe, a project that will include multiple games on next-gen consoles and the PC, as well as mobile titles, graphic novels and books.


Last month, a trademark listing for Deus Ex: Universe was discovered, leading many to think that maybe the franchise was going to try its cyber-augmented hand at the MMO genre. Eidos Montreal — the studio responsible for the series — has now ended the speculation by revealing what Universe is really about.

Studio head David Anfossi spilled the beans on Eidos Montreal’s community blog.

“The concept behind Deus Ex: Universe is to create an ongoing, expanding and connected game world built across a generation of core games,” wrote Anfossi. “Deus Ex: Universe will include PC and console games, but also additional Deus Ex games and experiences available in other media such as tablets, smartphones, books, graphic novels, etc.”

Basically, prepare yourself for a lot of Deus Ex in the future. The team has already taken a few tentative steps towards branching out the franchise with the recent mobile title: Deus Ex: The Fall. Now though, they’ve widened their scope to diffuse the series into other media as well.

The next big step in that direction is another core game in the franchise for next-gen consoles and the PC. The as-yet unnamed title will be the first outing on these platforms since 2011’s Human Revolution. Anfossi revealed that development on the title is underway, stating that most of the team responsible for the well-received Human Revolution are behind the new project as well.

However, don’t get too excited just yet. There is no word yet on when we can expect the next game in the franchise. Anfossi says that there is a long way to go before they are finished.

Deus Ex is coming to next-gen, it’s early so don’t expect to hear much more from us just yet, but I wanted you to know.”

Source: Eidos Montreal blog


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