Finding a good name for your child isn't an easy task. But would you go to the extend of naming your son or daughter after popular social network sites? Well, one Egyptian man did, and he named his daughter "Facebook".

According to Al-Ahram, one of the popular newspapers in Egypt, an Egyptian man has named his daughter "Facebook" Jamal Ibrahim, from the translation. He did so as a tribute to the social network site in organizing protests in Tahrir Square, and verthrow Egyptian dictator Muhammad Hosni Sayyid Mubarak. "Facebook" has received many gifts from youths who were overjoyed by her arrival.

While it isn't unusual for parents (mostly Asians and even Africans) to name their kids after memorable events, it is surely a first in this case to name after a popular social network website. Would you name your child Twitter or Myspace?

Source: PC Magazine