The Start button is making a comeback in Windows 8.1 (formerly codenamed Blue) and it looks like it is going to bring back functionality that has been sorely missed by users in Windows 8.

Microsoft’s decision to not include the Start button has been heavily criticised, and although there were a lot of alternatives by vendors that offered an alternative, with Windows 8.1, the Start button is officially set to return.


In Windows 8.1, users can right-click the Start button and see the option to shutdown or restart Windows. This is sure to come as a welcome addition to many users who were befuddled with the lack of such a shutdown button till now. Also included in the right-click context menu are settings to disable the hot corners that enable the Charms, and the ability to boot directly to the desktop instead of having to navigate to the Start screen.

Windows 8.1 client preview is expected to be announced at Microsoft’s Build conference in San Francisco on June 26th.

Via: The Verge