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Windows 8 market share rises to 4.27%, Windows 7 holds ground

Windows 8 Modern UI

On October 26, 2012 Microsoft launched its most derided operating system ever, Windows 8.  Seven months later, the OS is still playing catch up to the older Windows 7 as it continues to gain market share, albeit at a snail’s pace.

Face it, Windows 8 wasn’t the revolutionary OS that you expected it to be. With most of the new features (touch-driven Modern UI) relying on touchscreen technology (thus forcing you to upgrade if you want to enjoy the new features), for most users already on Windows 7, the new Windows 8 OS was an upgrade that they happily gave a free pass. The only meager advantages include faster boot times and better power management, even your handy Start menu hit the dustbin!

Windows 8 market share may 2013

Worldwide OS share as of May 2013 shows Windows dominating any other competing OS, but the competition is within Windows itself. Windows Vista and XP saw a marginal decline (which is essential to Microsoft’s sales strategy), while Windows 8 gained a marginal 0.43%. It is interesting to note that Windows 7 in the same time grew by 0.13% as well, indicating well enough that the market for this 2009 fix to the Vista fiasco is still in the race.


Pokki, one of the best Start Menu apps for Windows 8

We expect the situation to improve with Microsoft’s much promising Windows 8.1 update. Formerly codenamed Blue, this free update will fix many of the issues that users reported and that includes the Start menu button (brings you to the Start screen). If Microsoft gets it right, Windows 8.1 might come as a much-needed relief to the platform, driving sales higher and eating into marketshare of Windows 7 (which is exactly what the company wants).

A little piece on Net Applications, the source for the analytical data:

Net Applications uses data captured from 160 million unique visitors each month. The service monitors some 40,000 Web sites for its clientsStatCounter is another popular service for watching market share moves; the company looks at 15 billion page views. To us, it makes more sense to keep track of users than of page views, but if you prefer the latter, the equivalent data is available here (Windows 8 is at 5.28 percent, but again, that’s from a different market share pie).

Source: Net Applications via The Next Web

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