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Windows 8’s Microsoft Store to not feature M-rated games like Diablo lll

Microsoft has decided not to release M-rated games on their new digital store in Windows 8, meaning many gamers will have to resort to the regular desktop mode.

In a follow-up to an article we did last week, there's more news about the new Microsoft Store for Windows 8. Microsoft has decided not to sell any games in the store with an ESRB rating of M (mature). This means a significant number of triple-A games will be unavailable through the store; games such as Diablo III, the new Hitman and Call of Duty series.

The rating logo you'll find on the back of many games


These games will still be playable on Windows 8, but you will be forced to use the desktop mode in order to play them.This adds an element of disorder to Windows 8 – the games available only in desktop mode won't even be accessible via Modern UI, so your programs will be spread out across the two interfaces haphazardly. In addition, it resurfaces concerns voiced by Minecraft creator Marcus "Notch" Persson – what if Microsoft decides to completely scrap the desktop mode in some future version of Windows? Would that mean the end of M-rated games on the platform?

A more optimistic outlook though, is that this restriction will likely be changed in the future. Microsoft is probably not unaware of the impact gamers have had for their operating system: The rise of PC gaming in the 1980's and 90's helped Windows achieve the dominance it has today. It would be foolish to impose restrictions that cause difficulties for such an important customer-base.

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