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Windows Mobile 7 Phone Looks like ZunePhone

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The Mobile World Congress (MWC) is going to commence next week in Barcelona, and online sources have cited Microsoft could be revealing the new Windows Mobile 7 phone, which could take the form of the popular Zune media player.

It was rumored that Microsoft is going to make its Zune media player into an iPhone competitor, and that will apparently come into being with the release of Windows Mobile 7.

Several unconfirmed reports have come out describing Microsoft’s plan to integrate Zune functionality into its smartphone operating system. And this will allegedly go far beyond a new version of the music player.

According to sources who claim to have inside information on Microsoft’s plans, the next version will have a user interface that greatly resembles the one on the Microsoft Zune.

Because of its strong emphasis on music and video, it will use the Zune’s desktop application, not the Windows Mobile Device Center that is used now.

Social networking will also be emphasized, with Facebook and Twitter integrated into the user interface. There will also be some integration with Xbox live.

Windows Mobile 7 will supposedly have some features in common with the iPhone, and not necessarily peoples’ favorite ones: it will lack support for running multiple applications at the same time, and users will only be able to install applications from an online store.

Because of all the changes, the next version of this operating system will allegedly lack the ability to run current software.

Source: Brighthand.com

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