Microsoft strengthens its Windows Phone 8 offering by rolling out the Xbox Video and Xbox Music apps for the increasingly popular mobile phone OS.

Microsoft has launched the Windows Phone 8 Xbox Video and Xbox Music apps for Windows 8-powered phones, providing users with the chance to connect their PC, phone and Xbox together.

Despite Windows Phone 7 shipping with the regular Xbox Video app, Windows Phone 8 users were left waiting to have the ability to rent and download TV shows, movies, and other video content.  The Xbox Music began shipping in 2012 as a replacement to the company’s failed Zune music service, though the Xbox Music on Windows Phone 8 still isn’t a full-featured app.

The Windows Phone 8 Xbox Video app allows users to sign in and receive all rented or owned Xbox Video content – no high-definition support is available through the mobile app.

The new apps can be downloaded immediately through the Windows Phone Store.

Microsoft is trying to play catch up with the popular Apple iOS and Google Android mobile operating systems – and while an immediate miracle clearly won’t happen overnight – it’s important for apps such as Xbox Video to be available on the newest Windows Phone-powered smartphones.  The Windows Phone ended 2012 with just 2.8 percent global market share, and that number is expected to increase up to 3.6 percent by the end of 2013 – it still may seem like a small figure, but shows current momentum into 2014.

Microsoft is preparing Windows Phone 8.1, which will give consumers additional features similar to the iPhone and Android.

Source: Microsoft


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