According to data released by Microsoft to Windows developers, the Windows Store generated an average of 1.7 million app downloads per day in October.


Many still haven’t warmed up to the Modern (aka Metro) interface that was introduced with Windows 8, but the download statistics suggest some people are keen on using apps built for Microsoft’s newest iteration of Windows. Compared to June, the numbers are up 38.56 percent – a somewhat impressive increase, bringing the total number of apps downloaded to 51,152,284 apps.

Of course, a growth in download rates doesn’t mean developers are getting too much income from their work, as only 1,355,593 downloads were those of paid apps, a fraction of the total downloads figure. But things are certainly looking up, and while there is no official data for the total number of apps in the Windows Store, recent additions like the official Facebook app for Windows 8 mean Microsoft (and developers) can look forward to even more app downloads in the coming months.

Via: TechCrunch