The 10 billionth app download contest came faster than most would have expected. Everyone wanted to be that lucky person to download the 10 billionth app and walk away with US$10,000 prize money. But it seems that the winner hanged up the call from Apple with regards to her win. More inside.

In this technological age, we were all told to be wary of various scam and spam emails including the promise of a huge amount of free money in exchange to help somebody (which you may not have heard before), and declared a lottery winner for a lottery you don’t think you have participated or bought the ticket.

And it is no wonder that Gail Davis, a woman in Orpington, England, replied “Thank you very much; I’m not interested” when she got a call from Apple who claims that she has won US$10,000 prize money. Well, the thing is, the call is genuine and she is in fact the very lucky winner to have downloaded the 10 billionth app from the Apple App Store!

According to Cult of Mac, Davis was definitely regretting at hanging up the call earlier that she called the company back. But unfortunately, the helpdesk wasn’t as helpful. (Not to mention, her name may have been blacklisted for being rude to an Apple executive).

Thankfully, she received another call from Apple and it was from Eddy Cue, Apple’s VP of iTunes, and her family can enjoy more download apps from Apple App Store. Moral of the story: If you ever received such call, don’t hang up immediately. Well, at least listen to what was being said first.

Source: CNET