If the Apple iPad 2 is going to be selling at a store near you, will you queue and later sell your spot for cash? Well, one college student did, after waiting in line for approximately 41 hours, and for US$900.

US$900 was the price for the first spot in the queue for Apple iPad 2, which college student Amanda Foote  sold after being in line at the Apple store in New York for 41 hours. And Foote plans to use the money to but tickets for Lady Gaga's concert.

The buyer of the spot isHazem Sayen, an app developer, who said that he wanted to bring the iPad 2 with him when he leaves for his busienss trip; the Apple iPad 2 starts at US$499. Apparently, Foote isn't the only one who is being paid for her trouble: there are offers ranging from US$100 to US$999 to stand in line or sell their spot. (Looks like there's a good market for this isn't it?).

Source: mashable