VR-Zone got the chance to be involved in this year’s World Cyber Games that is held in Suntec City. We were in charge of setting up all the computer systems there plus providing technical support throughout the whole event. Here is the low-down on the event that lasted a whole week for us.

A whole bunch of VR-Zone staff and members gathered at the VR-Zone office in Burlington Square for a short briefing on the details of the event. From there, we moved off to Funan Center where we carried out the back-breaking task of assembling 120 computers. The man-power involved for the first day clocked at 13, consisting of forum members Cyberazi, Ian.Ho, Booest, Rudy Joseph, Visionary, CCCP, Sloth, Tenankers, DarkHell, Josh, Fusion Tiger, and me. Here are some of the pictures we took.

Bringing in the Intel mainboards…

The 2.8E Prescott going onto the 915 boards.

The motherboards lined up far the “assembly” line.

We pushed on all the way into the early morning of Day 2 (Sunday)
We were back at Funan Center to continue work on the remaining computer systems, early in the morning. We have roughly the same crew with us, plus some additions including Shin and Josh’s brother.