In terms of looks, the Dropad D10 is essentially an oversized version of the iPhone 4, with the addition of an extra webcam at the top of the device. It even comes with three buttons located at the side, which is almost identical to the ones present on the real iPhone. These buttons on the D10 perform the roles of Back, Menu and the power switch, as shown in the images below.

Like most tablets currently available in the market today, the D10 sports various connectivity and I/O ports such as USB ports, a memory card reader and even a standard HDMI-out port. Last but not least, claims that the D10 makes use of touchscreens utilizing capacitive touch technology, so it should be capable of supporting multitouch gestures.

The D10 runs off Android 2.1, which is a fairly old release of the Android operating system at the time this article was written. That being said, claims that the D10 can be upgraded to Froyo, but with a major limitation in that Flash 10.1 will not be supported. Then again, the D10 sports a 720MHz processor, which is probably not the kind of hardware ideal for running Flash movies and games without experiencing some serious hiccups.

No pricing or release date has been announced for the D10, but we are willing to go out on a limb and hazard a guess that the D10 is not intended for sale in any country that is not explicitly spelled “CHINA”, and for good reason. After all, people will be hard-pressed to deny that it bears more than just a passing similarity to the real iPhone 4 for comfort.