Wrapsol claims to be the world’s strongest protection system for most digital devices including mobile phones, ebook readers, MP3 players as well as cameras. The maker has recently announced their Ultra series that provides scratch and stronger protection for your devices.

Version 2, a local technology distributor for Wrapsol, has brought in the new Wrapsol Ultra protection system for iPhone 4 and iPad users. The new adhesive protectors claim to provide your devices from scratches and can withstand accidental drops from up to 1.8m height.

The Wrapsol is made from polyurethane, a material found in bulletproof glass, and is commonly used on F1 car bodies and aircraft ‘nose’ radomes. And it offers increased flexibility, yet providing the clarity, durability and thinness.

It comes cut precisely to the curves, buttons, slots and ports for a perfect, contour hugging fit that includes corner, side and slide out protection while preserving the original designs of the devices. It also provides more coverage around the bezel of digital devices, thus adding higher impact resistance. Lifetime warranty is provided for every purchase.

The Wrapsol Ultra for iPhone 4 retails at S$39.90, whiled the Original Wrapsol for iPad sells at S$49.90. Both are currently available at www.version-2.com.sg/wrapsol/order. and includes free 24-hour courier delivery.

To learn more, please visit www.version-2.com.sg/wrapsol.