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X-Micro Video MP3 400

Well enough technicalities. Let’s see some tantalizing
pictures of this unique player and the things that come with it. Like I mentioned
earlier, the battery that comes with it is actually a rechargeable AA battery
and the best part is that it’s actually environmental friendly. It’s
a big step by X-Micro to provide the battery. Most players that use batteries
don’t even come with a battery, much less a rechargeable…

The earphones up close and personal. Notice the jack itself
is gold-plated. This means it provides an enhanced connection between the player
and the earphone. It even comes with matching white sponge for comfortable wearing.
X-Micro really put in quite a bit of effort into styling this player.

Here’s how the player itself looks like from the top. The tiny hole on
top of the “X-Micro” word is actually the microphone where you can
do your voice recording. The navigation buttons are located at the bottom of
the player. The black color pad that is surrounding the player is actually made
of rubber. This helps in the grip since the size of this player is only 29.8
by 96.2 by 29.8 mm.

The OLED is actually protected by a thick piece of glass. This adds more protection
to the display as compared to some of the other players out there. The “navigation”
controller is located at the bottom of the player as shown in picture. The joystick
is actually made of plastic but with chrome finish. It’s actually quite
easy to navigate the menu using the joystick with your thumb.


Now let’s view the player from a different angle. Above, you see where
the A-B, EQ and the Play buttons are located. With a push of the A-B button,
the voice recording will start. This provide ease of use with just a one finger
recording rather than going through the menu. Next to this button is the EQ
button. As most of us would have guess, it’s actually the equalizer button.
There are 7 listening modes to choose from. The usual Rock, Pop, Classical,
Jazz, Normal, Soft and DBB. Next to it is actually the Play/Pause or Power On/Power
Off button.


Well let’s flip it over and look at the left side of this player. This
side is where the Hold button is located. Pushing the button to the right locks
the device and there won’t be any responses from any buttons pressed.
Pushing it back to the left unlocks the device. Also on this side is where the
USB jack is located. You will need to lift the cap up slightly and move it aside
to reveal the USB jack. This is a good thing since it protects the USB connector
from accumulating dust and dirt.


Nothing unusual about the back of the player. Slide the cover
downwards and that is where the battery compartment is located.

There are actually 2 ports located on the top of the player but the left port
is where the earphone should be plugged into. The right port seems to be just
for aesthetics, main purpose just to style the player symmetrically. The chrome
portion in the middle is actually where you can tie a lanyard to.

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