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X800 XT PE PCI Express Voltage mods

Voltage mod your X800 XT PE PCI Express for better clocks!

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The X800 PCI Express card is a little different from the X800 cards so Here
is a little how to to voltage mod it.

First the VGPU mod:

Solder a 20K ohms Variable resistor to each end of the solder pads as shown
in the picture below. This VR should be set at 20K ohms.

The measuring point is as shown and you should just touch the red tip of your
multimeter to the point and the black tip to any grounded spot to measure voltage.

In order to increase the VGPU voltage, tune down the 20K VR carefully.

So that the card does not reset when the power drawn is too huge, you will
need to do the overcurrent mod when doing high clocks and voltages. Solder a
50K ohms VR to the spot marked and the other end of the VR to ground. Turn down
the VR so that the spot that you solder on reads 20K ohms instead of the original
41K ohms.

For ram clocking, you can do both VDD and VDDQ mods:

The measuring spots are as shown.

Solder a 20K ohms VR to each of the spots in the picture and ground the other
end of the VR. Set the VR to maximum of 20K ohms. The mod above is for VDD and
the mod below is for VDDQ. Having both at roughly the same voltage seems to
work well.


So there you have the X800 XT PE PCI Express voltage mods. Happy modding!


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