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Xbox 360 Game Review: Crackdown 2

Crackdown 2

Crackdown is a 2007 sandbox-style third-person shooter video game that received favorable reviews that year. And three years later, the game developer came up with the sequel to the game, and yes, if you enjoyed the first one, be sure to get your hands on Crackdown 2.

Grabbing agility orbs can be a bit of a stretch as many require a leap of faith to reach

Crackdown 2 is more of the same game that you played the last time around. If you have completed the original Crackdown and just can’t get enough of the jumping, shooting and energy orb-collecting, this is your crack, down pat. (Skip this review and grab the game right now).

And we continue our regular programming for new gamers. Need a lowdown on Crackdown? It is essentially a sandbox action game i.e. the sort of free roaming game that sets you down in not quite a vice city or a city of liberty either, but in one that has seen better days. This sandbox is called Pacific City and it is now a scene of devastation some ten years after the first game, with terrorists and mutant monsters running amok.

It is in fact, the same city as seen in the original Crackdown, albeit with major downgrading in terms of landscape devastation. (Let’s just say that it ain’t having a property boom.)

You can think of it as essentially the same sort of game as GTA 4, but with a sci-fi twist. Instead of playing a hoodlum, you’re a superhuman police officer called “the Agent” who’s a cross between Spiderman and a low-budget Iron Man with tons of weapons. That is, a dream come true for a comic book fan or a Japanese Tokusatsu otaku.

(Tokustatsu refers to the Japanese special effects shows— you know, the stuff that Power Rangers are made of, and which “the Agent” resembles.)

Definition of cool: Armoured superhuman police with a big gun

You are armed with array of awesome weapons, from sniper rifles to homing rocket launchers, that can be taken either from The Agency’s bases or grabbed from Cell terrorists that you take down. But the fact that you’re limited to only two at a time can be frustrating especially when big bad freaky monsters attack.

You also get to use specialised vehicles with different features — say, a machine gun onboard or the ability to jump over other vehicles. These super vehicles are fun to drive and offer a unique flavour you cannot find in other games of this nature.

As an officer of the law, however, you have to behave: Kill innocent citizens or run over pedestrians who are neither terrorist nor terrible monsters be, and the peacekeepers  — that is, the local police — will not hesitate to shoot you down as punishment.

So yes, sometimes, it is no fun to play the good guy.

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