Halo Wars

It’s pretty established that when you talk about Halo, your mind will automatically think of that critically acclaimed FPS game. But Halo as a RTS game? Will it really work? Read on to be enlightened.

Halo Wars is Ensemble Studios’ swan song. Wait a second; Ensemble Studio does ring a bell, no? They are actually the powerhouse behind such award-winning RTS titles such as the Age of Empire series and the Age of Mythology series.

This is what was running through the developers heads…


It may seem like an impossible task for to base an RTS game on a FPS, or vice versa. Simply because, FPS and RTS genres sit at opposite ends of the video game gamut. Shooters are fast and furious, instinctive and immediate with situations and obstacles thrown at the player almost instantly, while RTS games are much slower paced which value resource management and tactical vision. The two genres have almost nothing in common and there’s not much overlap in their fan bases.

But Ensemble Studios has a solution to that problem; to allow an easy transition for FPS fans to the RTS genre. But before we go in details about the game, let’s see how is the packaging like.