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There are tips to guide you along, so don't be a blockhead. 

You have to walk each character in turn, pick up utility blocks to plug gaps or extend your paths, outwit other creatures that try to block you out or steal your cubes, and eventually get the pair to meet face-to-face. That’s it: There’s no shooting, no racing and no fists of fury fighting, making Ilomilo suitable for the young ones.

But that doesn’t mean an easy time figuring out the increasingly tough puzzles. You often have to approach the same problem spot from another angle, or use either Ilo or Milo to pick up different utility cubes that need to be placed strategically.

Sometimes, you can even have one character leave cubes for the other character stuck on another platform/angle/height to pick up. If you find it hard to think not just outside the box, but also sideways and upside down too, it can be difficult to figure out how to manoeuvre both characters to link up and thus complete the level.

First there is a hole…..

Some puzzles can be tough to work out, especially if you’ve exhausted all available paths and traversed all corners, or filled in all the gaps and still fail to make both characters meet up. And yes, it is possible to get stuck at corners if you run into a roving creature that blocks your path, or there’s one that — repeatedly — steals your precious cube as you attempt to move it to traverse a gap.

The game does provide basic hints in the form of another wacky character called Sebastian, but often it’s not enough and you might be tempted to hunt for an FAQ to solve a particularly frustrating level. So even if you hit a wall — both literally and metaphorically speaking — you can always reset the level/puzzle for another go.

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