Now there is no hole! 

From the relaxing music to the kaleidoscopic colours, Ilomilo offers a whole world of charm and fun, and you can even compare against friends. Replayability is a given. Hidden collectables like photographs will tempt you to revisit cleared levels to explore the hidden corners and nooks.

There’s even an online scoreboard of sorts that show how you fare — in terms of how many cubes you travel over to complete a level — against everyone else playing this game. If this doesn’t inspire you to retry the levels for a better score, nothing else will.

The fun doesn’t end after you complete all 49 levels. A new download pack, Autumn Tale adds 25 new levels of puzzle for 240 Microsoft Points.

All in all, the game’s virtues certainly stack up well. Ilomilo is a shining beacon of excellence among the gems of the Xbox Live Arcade, and a deserving icon of a cute puzzle game done right.

Reviewer's rating – 4.5 out of 5

Ilomilo (Xbox Live Arcade Game)
Xbox 360
Price: 800 Microsoft Points (roughly S$16.50)

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