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Xbox 360: Portal 2 Review

Co-operative mode is a new addition to Portal 2 whereby two players are able to play as robots named Atlas and P-body. Console gamers will have the choice of playing online or split-screen (either horizontal or vertical split) in this mode. 

The missions are different with puzzles requiring both players to work together to accomplish the objectives.Cooperative features a pinging tool which players can point at something and create a temporary marker that alerts your partner where to go or a certain feature to look out for.

In general, the learning curve is gradual and solving puzzles together with a friend is more than fun. More often than not, it is really back to basics with the portal gun and using common sense to dictate the flow of the game. With two portal guns, it adds to the complexity of the puzzles even more.

It is a different story together in Portal 2's cooperative mode, it has its unique plot and GLaDOS is involved in it with the events supposedly taking place after the single player campaign. 
The playability of this mode will also be expanded between PlayStation 3, PC and MAC players, thanks to Valve's online game platform – Steam. The engine allows the capability for players on these platforms to connect with each other and track achievements. Unfortunately, Xbox 360 users will not get this share of love from the Steam platform, though Xbox 360 gamers can play multiplayer on Xbox Live.
Visuals and Audio
Portal 2 looks good running on the Source engine, though certainly not comparable with the likes of Crysis or fanciful first-person shooters out in the market. But the overall feel of the environment makes up for it.
Of course, PC gamers are given the privilege of ramping up various graphic settings to the maximum but it certainly looks decent on the console and gameplay is smooth and fluid.
The voice cast in Portal 2 deserves a mention, it is superb voice acting with Stephen Merchant who voices Wheatley, the personality sphere while J.K Simmons (J. Jonah Jameson in Spiderman 3) voices Cave Johnson, the CEO of Aperature Science. Ellen McLain returns as the voice for GLaDOS.
There is plenty of hilarious dialogue and probably one of the best games out there with immensive voice acting to keep the player on their toes and emotionally attached with the characters. I grew to love GLaDOS's bitching and her sarcastically cruel jokes. It is engaging and adds to the overall gameplay value. 

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