The new Microsoft Xbox 360 update is yet another step towards the company's vision of an integrated entertainment solution. Now, the Xbox Kinect lets you control your television with voice and gesture too. A slew of new content providers will bring a new lease of life to the aging system.


Microsoft has announced the much anticipated update to their Xbox 360 dashboard interface which allows users to use voice commands and evoke actions such as ‘pause’ or ‘play’ on the television, as well as voice search on the Internet for relevant videos, music, and games, amongst other content. The upgrade also enables gesture control which allows scrolling across options with the wave of the hand. These new capabilities come with refreshing visual layout, inspired by Windows Phone.

With a new range of 40 over content providers supporting Xbox 360 such as online movie rental portal LOVEFiLM and Internet television Sky Go, consumers will find it hard to be at a lack of entertainment options despite the ommision of live television. Microsoft says: “a new technological era in live TV in the home where the user becomes the remote control through voice and gesture control”, and added that “the new software update will create the biggest interactive TV service in the world”.  

The updates will be served on 6th December.


Source: Pocket-lint, Telegraph