“Rumors” want Microsoft’s new Xbox console launching alongside the long awaited Crytek’s Kinect game Ryse. According to the same rumors, Ryse is aspired to be Microsoft’s flagship title for the year.

Originally, Rise was announced under the name ‘Codename Kingdoms’ for Xbox 360, back in the 2011 E3. The game was renamed but never released, although Microsoft refuted rumors about its cancellation. As it turns out, the game was rewritten and retouched to meet the standards of the next-generation console. The Roman Empire theme remained unchanged, though.


Ryse will be the mega launch title for Xbox 720, but not the only one. A “super life-like” Forza title (rumors reveal nothing more about it), a zombie game (you can’t have a new console without one) and a family game (with Pixar-style graphics and virtual characters made from Kinect’s scans of the player’s body), will be also released to leverage Xbox 720 launch.

More revelations are about to follow at Microsoft’s special Xbox event in May and the E3 in June.

Source: The Verge


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