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Xbox chief: If you don’t like always online, use a 360.

In a recent interview with Gametrailers, Xbox chief Don Mattrick put it bluntly; if you don’t like the Xbox One’s internet connectivity requirements, stick with the old console.


I should feel bad for Microsoft. With their connectivity requirements and used game restrictions, they’ve dug a pretty deep pit for themselves with the Xbox One. After the Sony press conference at E3 ended with cheers so enthusiastic they turned to chanting, this console war may be over before it even has a chance to begin. That being said, I don’t feel bad for Microsoft because even now, they’re still digging that pit deeper.


Don Mattrick

In a recent interview with Gametrailers, Xbox chief Don Mattrick commented on the recent backlash from the revealed restrictions on the new Xbox. Mattrick stated quite bluntly that if you don’t like what the Xbox One has to offer it’s tough luck for you. “Fortunately, we have a product for people who aren’t able to get some form of connectivity, it’s called Xbox 360.” said Mattrick. Whether this was an honest attempt at alleviating angry customers, or just an arrogant retort is up to you to decide. Regardless, it doesn’t seem as if the people at Xbox fully understand why people are against the online requirements and used game restrictions:

While some people genuinely cannot get an internet connection (one example being a sailor on a nuclear sub whom Mattrick mentioned in the interview), most Xbox owners will probably have an internet connection most of the time. Gamers aren’t upset that they have to plug a LAN cable into their console; they’re upset that Microsoft is putting restrictions on their property. It’s a question of rights, not of technical restrictions.

Still, Mattrick did bring up one important point in the Xbox One’s defense – having a console designed with online connectivity at its core allows for new design possibilities (one example of which could be Forza’s adaptive AI which learns from other gamers while you’re not playing). Microsoft seems to have put their money on that those design possibilities will be worth the sacrifices made. Mistake or not, if that is at the core of Microsoft’s plans, at least it’s a bold step and bold steps sometimes lead to great things.

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