Yesterday, AMD executive Marc Diana stated that the PlayStation 4 has an advantage ‘greater than many expect’ over the Xbox One due to a new AMD technology called hUMA. Well, an anonymous Xbox One developer has responded to the news, and claims that the console he’s working on has something similar in place. Check out the details after the jump.

Xbox One vs PS4

Redditor XboxOneDev – whose identity has been verified by community moderators – claims that the Xbox One implements Heterogeneous Uniform Memory Access (HUMA) in exactly the same way as the PlayStation 4, based on their study of internal Xbox One documentation.

There are two things to be noted here.

Firstly, XboxOneDev mentions in his comment that he had no idea about AMD‘s hUMA technology until today. He may be working on the Xbox One team at Microsoft, but he is likely not working directly with the hardware and architecture department, so we cannot take his claims to be 100% true.

Further down in the comments section on Reddit, iroboto mentions that Xbox One may be using Tiled Resources in DirectX 11.2 which, in a way, implements HUMA at software level; PS4‘s hUMA implements that at hardware level which is faster, and more efficient.

As with all news sourced from anonymous sources, take this one with a pinch of salt. We’re waiting for an official statement from AMD to clear up this mess.

Still, one thing does stand true: the PlayStation 4 is roughly 50% more powerful than the Xbox One. No one can take that away from Sony.

Source: Reddit

Image Credit: Turnislefthome