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Xbox LIVE Dashboard Update Incoming

Xbox 360 owners can expect a new Xbox LIVE dashboard update when they fire up their console, as there will be a few new features and a new sleek design.

Microsoft's latest overhaul to the Xbox LIVE dashboard is quite impressive and adds in many new features including web browsing with Internet Explorer, more security measures, a new sleek design, and even a spolight for the often overlooked Xbox Indie Games.

The new interface is a standard Windows 8 UI design with a stylized grid that adds more slots on each pane, allowing gamers to efficiently and easily browse through content without having to search for it manually. While the current Xbox LIVE interface has a similiar setup, the update adds more slots to maximize screen coverage, making it less confined and restricted.

(The spiffy new Xbox LIVE UI)

One of the most useful additions to the update is the new Pin feature, which allows gamers to "pin" items to a list of shortcuts to their homepage: everything from regularly used apps to games can be stored here to quickly launch from a handy list without having to scour menus. This is a huge timesaver and optimizes convenience and efficiency all in one easy-to-use way.

Possibly the most exciting feature added to Xbox LIVE is integrated web browsing with Internet Explorer, allowing gamers to use their console to surf the web for the first time. Whether or not the browsing experience will fully mirror that of PC web browsing is still uncomfirmed, but hopefully the browser will be able to run Flash and other software to deliver the same quality of browsing available on a computer.

Overall the new Xbox LIVE Dashboard update optimizes many elements to the marketplace and generally frees up the pages, making for a more enjoyable browsing experience.

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