Microsoft has announced that its next-generation gaming console, the Xbox One, will be available from November 22nd.

xbox one launch

The Xbox One will be initially offered in 13 markets: the UK, US, Ireland, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Austria, Brazil, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand. Sony’s PlayStation 4 will hit store shelves a week ahead of the Xbox One as it is scheduled to be launched November 15th in the U.S. However, the Xbox One will get a headstart in European markets as the PS4 will not be available there until November 29th.

Day One editions of the Xbox One have been sold out, but Microsoft has mentioned that there will be a new batch of Day One systems that will be available for pre-order soon. Earlier today it was announced that the Xbox One has gone into full production, with the final version of the console getting a CPU boost which now gives it 1.75 GHz of central processing unit power. The console’s GPU got a similar boost back in August to 853 MHz from 800 MHz.

The Xbox One will be available in the U.S. for $500, €500 in Europe, and £430 in the UK. The standard edition of the Xbox One comes with the system, Kinect 2 sensor, a headset, and a wireless controller. The Day One edition also costs the same, but includes a customized controller that comes with a chrome d-pad.

Source: Xbox Wire


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