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XBox One preorders ahead of PS4 in UK

According to British gaming trade magazine MCV, various retailers across the UK are reporting that pre-orders for Microsoft’s new console Xbox One are ahead of the pre-order numbers for the Sony PlayStation 4. The numbers are remarkably good with one retailer reporting that the Xbox pre-orders had passed the PS4’s numbers in just 24 hours, despite that the PS4 has been taking pre-orders since February


This development is noteworthy especially considering that the Xbox reveal has been largely viewed as a PR disaster by the gaming world. The announcement of the console lasted about one hour and focused almost entirely on television-integrating features, the NFL and Kinect; very little time was left for actual gaming in the announcement. In addition, certain aspects of the console which had the gaming community concerned were left out of the announcement entirely; the most prominent example is whether the console is “always on”, something fans discovered shortly after to indeed be the case.

The Xbox reveal may not have dissuaded fans of the console, but the same reports made to MCV show that the reveal may have affected sales for those who were undecided about which console to buy: Right after the reveal, Sony’s PlayStation 4 also saw a significant increase.

via MCV

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