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Xebec Tech htpc keyboard review

After pressing down the Fn key, the top row of keys serves as shortcuts for multimedia actions as well. For example “6” will start the DVD player application, “9-0” are the zoom/x-zoom buttons and so on.

Three LED lights can be found at the left section of the keyboard. The top LED light is the CAPS lock indicator and the middle LED is the Fn key indicator. The lowest LED light is the low battery indicator and comes on when the batteries need replacing.

The back of the keyboard is made of soft, rubberized plastic which is very smooth to the touch and the grooves keep the user’s fingers from sweating, making the htpc really comfortable to hold for prolonged periods of time. At the middle of the keyboard’s underside there is a slot for storing the USB receiver.

Xebec placed two buttons at the underside of the keyboard which operate as the left and right buttons of a mouse. The buttons are placed at each side of the keyboard, resembling the trigger buttons of a game controller. For simple clicks however the user will probably find it more comfortable to simply tap the touchpad.

At the top side of the keyboard one can find a tiny on/off switch with which the keyboard can be turned off in order to avoid draining the battery and accidental keystrokes.

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