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Xebec Tech itouchpad diamond keyboard review

The itouchpad diamond keyboard is fairly small, measuring only 31cm long and 20cm wide. It comes with rechargeable batteries and it still manages to weigh less than 600gr. The layout is fairly tightly packed and a touchpad has been placed beneath the keyboard area, strongly resembling the layout of a small notebook. There are no multimedia keys but no other keys are missing, except from a dedicated numpad. Much like companies do with netbooks, Xebec Tech had to place a few keys in weird placed in order for everything to fit, such as the slash key right next to the space key. All of the keys are using “soft touch membrane technology”, which is an enhanced version of the standard rubber cones used in most keyboards, making the itouchpad diamond keyboard extremely quiet while maintaining a fair level of responsiveness.

Three LED lights can be found at the top right section of the keyboard. The left LED light is the pairing indicator and flashes during the pairing procedure, as well as the activity LED and flashes every time a key is pressed. This might become slightly annoying if you are trying to type a long text in a dark environment. The middle LED light is the low battery indicator and comes on when the batteries need recharging. Finally, the right LED is the recharging indicator which flashes while the batteries are getting charged and stays on when they are fully charged.

At the lowermost left side of the keyboard area Xebec Tech placed an Fn key, similar to the key which allows for special functions found on notebooks. Of course you will not be able to control the screen’s backlight or perform any similar actions with the itouchpad diamond keyboard but the Fn key turns part of a keyboard to a numpad while it remains pressed, allowing for some quick numbers typing and basic calculations.

The touchpad found on the keyboard is fairly basic but it feels smooth and performs very well, as do the keys. If you are used to working with a touchpad from using a notebook, it will feel very familiar and easy to use.

The company placed a mini-USB slot at the top of the keyboard for charging the batteries.

The rear of the itouchpad diamond keyboard is plastic, sprayed with a highly reflective black paint. Two height adjustment feet can be seen towards the top side of the keyboard, which however do feel slightly frail and will probably not handle much abuse. If the plastic feet remain closed, the keyboard sits on rubber anti-skid studs.

At the top left side of the keyboard’s rear the user can find an on-off switch, the batteries compartment and a tiny USB dongle. The on/off switch has to be at the “on” position for the keyboard’s charger to work. While this keyboard is using typical AAA batteries, two rechargeable batteries are already installed; it is a very good thing though that you can replace them if they go bad. You may even use normal AAA batteries but then you should not attempt to use the charger, which will surely damage the keyboard or worse.

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