The card comes in a pretty simple package. Besides the graphics card, you
get a free Far Cry Full game DVD, a Driver CD, a manual and Quick installation
guide, a DVI-VGA connector and a S-Video cable.


The card comes in a dark blue PCB. It is one of the shortest video card around,
thanks to it’s simple PCB layout.


The card sports a very very modest aluminum heatsink fan combo.
The thin aluminum heatsink is almost as good as just a heat-spreader, real fins
are almost absent on it. This is one of the first time I’ve seen a card from
XFX sporting such a humble cooler. The heat output from the card must be really
small to allow this.


Above, you see how thin the aluminum heatsink over the core is. The fan over
it is not extremely powerful, but it does make a bit of a whirring noise,
the kind that seems to be due to a lack of lubrication or ball-bearing.


The main bunch of capacitors and inductor coils are located
towards the rear of the card, since the card does not come with a PCI-Express
power connector. This saves space and PCB.