Unreal Tournament 2004
Direct3D Performance

Unreal Tournament 2004 is not just a good game but is also built on a very
developed 3D engine that runs off Direct3D. As the game is somewhat bottle-necked
by the CPU, I had to run a custom time-demo with 4x Anisotropic Filtering enabled
and 2x Anti-Aliasing enabled to do a in-depth test of the graphics cards’ capabilities.

As you can see, a single card solution will not be able to keep frame rates
at playable settings with the highest resolution and 4xAF + 2xAA. An extra card
in SLI gives a 62% boost in frame rates pushing it to a playable

Like the Doom 3 Tests, I repeated the tests at 600/1300 speeds.

The additional clock speeds gave the frame rates a roughly 10%
boost, very similar to what we encountered with Doom 3. Its just that without
turning AF and AA on, the performance difference will not be that visible as
the game is very CPU bound.