3DMark Tests

We ran some 3D Mark 03 and 05 Tests, pushing the cards as far as they could
go in SLI mode with the stock cooler. The CPU is still at default.

We got a 16576 score in 03.

And a 7230 score in 05.

Awesome result with no additional mods.


Next, as per VR-Zone tradition, we maximized the potential of the cards by
changing the coolers on the graphics cards and pushed them as far as they could
go… on just air-cooling.

We hit 648/1370 on 3D Mark 03 and scored an impressive 17366


On 3D Mark 05, we had her running at 648/1350… and that equates
to 7671 marks.


And these are the fastest 6600GTs around!

Click for compare link