Well obviously the stock cooler isn’t going to do much at breaking
3D Mark records.

So we put on our home-built -90C cooler on the
card and pushed her all the way to 656Mhz core, from the default
400Mhz core:


Thats a very impressive clock speed! But what’s a real record
without running it in SLI mode?

As we have only 1 XFX 6800 Ultra, we ran it together
with the Asus 6800 Ultra in SLI configuration and took home
the top spots at FutureMark 3D Mark 2005 and 2003:



Here is the details of the configuration:

– XFX 6800U + ASUS 6800U SLI @ 614/1404

– FX55 @ 13 x 266 -> 3464Mhz

– DFI NF4 Ultra modded to SLI

– Kingston Hyper X BH5

– SilverStone 650w Power Supply

The CPU runs at -94C, GPU1 runs at -55C
and GPU2 runs at -91C.


Here is a picture of the extreme setup:


Well I must say that I am pretty impressed with how well the XFX
6800 Ultra
has overclocked for me. With the right amount of cooling,
it just scaled higher and higher!


For more details and discussion, feel free to drop by here.




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