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XFX 7800GTX OverClocked Edition Review

It’s a pretty cut-throat market to compete in for the card makers. The real
reason why we are seeing so many “premium” and “overclocked”
versions of the 7800GTX out there is the head-room NVIDIA packed into the orginal
package a few months ago when they launched the 7800GTX. The 7800GTX core is
capable of running significantly higher speed than specified. NVIDIA dropped
the clocks from the GPUs’ maximum potential in order to cut down on heat output
and power consumtion.

Of course, it wasn’t long before card makers succumbed to the temptation of
this “pie-under-the-table”, so one by one, each came out with their
premium line of cards that offered higher speed at stock…

Let’s take a look at the specifications of this top player compared
to a normal reference 7800GTX

The packaged bundle that comes with the card. It includes a 6-pin PCIe power
adapter, an S-Video TV out cable, a composite TV out cable, two DVI to HD-15
adapters, an S-Video to HDTV output adapter, user’s manual and driver CD, and
3 free games: X2: The Threat, Far Cry and GP2.

This card has video capture function (VIVO). You need to install an adaptor
cable that comes with the card top use this function. The cable with the colorful
heads provides component video outputs, composite video input, S-Video input
and S-Video output.

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