The Nvidia 6 series has been around for quite some time and we have seen many unique iterations of them such as a very overclockable Geforce 6600 vanilla equipped with GDDR3 RAMs and some Geforce 6200 beefed up with 512MB of RAM. Today, we’ll be looking at a new flavour once again, a 6600 with 512MB of DDR2 Memory! Introducing the XFX Geforce 6600 512MB DDR2….

As mentioned in the introduction, XFX brought another iteration
of the popular 6600 into the market, equipped with 512MB of wholesome DDR2 memory.
Many of you guys will actually wonder, what’s exactly the point of putting so
much memory onto a mid-end card when the GPU isn’t fast enough to handle the
rendering thrown at it in the first place? Well, the Geforce 6 series might
seem to be a turning point for this dismeanour, and we will see how well the extra memory will aid in the popular games. First, as usual, some brief specs…

Graphics Processing UnitNVIDIA GeForce 6600
InterfacePCI Express x16 (SLI capable)
Memory512MB, GDDR2, Elixir 3ns
Pixel Pipelines8 Pixel Pipelines
Vertex Shaders3 Vertex Shaders
Memory Interface128 Bit
Core Clock 450 Mhz
Memory Clock560 Mhz
RAMDACDual Integrated RAMDAC @ 400MHz
Max Resolution2048 x 1536 @ 85Hz
Rear I/O PortsDual DVI
Power ConnectorNot present
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